Seventh Sunday of Easter, Year B: John 17:6-19: Liminal Space

You can see all the lectionary readings for the Seventh Sunday of Easter, Year B by clicking here. I have chosen to discuss the passage from the Gospel of John.

In today’s passage, Jesus is praying for his followers. He says that they have believed that he was sent from God and his glory is seen in them. He prays that they will be kept safe and will be as one. He also prays that they will happy, though he says the world has hated them because they don’t belong to the world.

The passage ends with this:

Make them ready for your service through your truth. Your teaching is truth. I have sent them into the world, just as you sent me into the world. I am making myself completely ready to serve you. I do this for them, so that they also might be fully qualified for your service.

John 17:6-19, Easy-to-Read Version

For this passage I’m going to share a link that I found helpful and thought-provoking by Jerrod McCormack from Sermons that Work on the Episcopal Digital Network website. I am currently in a sort of liminal space myself. I’m in the process to become a postulant for the priesthood, but it’s currently out of my hands, waiting for some paperwork to be done between my rector and the bishop.  Meanwhile I’m in a stage of waiting and praying and continuing my life as it is, looking forward to big changes and action to come. I can use this passage from the Gospel as an example of how to abide in God in that liminal space.